OC Doodle Dumps

My blog has been null and empty for a long while @_@
Here's some OC doodle dump to somehow liven it up.

unnamed guy.supposed to be drowning adsdsf what is anatomy. what is perspective

Okay, this one has a name. Ross. Still have no idea what to do with him LOL

Protagonist of the story. still unnamed.

unnamed drowning guy's...idk...temptation? ...haha

Twin protagonists...although it's not very obvious @_@

emo doodle but ended up being a derpy one because of the hands and the filename

another emo doodle turned into something not so serious haha. I named it natataeako.jpg "Natatae ako" is a Tagalog term which means "I want to poo" in English //HIDES

what are these filenames...Idonteven---//slapped

I'll be on hiatus due to school... meh as if I've ever been active in keeping up with all my social sites.

sigh. the life.

new layout

asdghgjhg I love this Dragon Nest-themed layout > w <) <3
As a fan of the game and its artists, I might be sticking with this theme for a long time.

e v e
I messed up big time with the CSS today.
Ahh, now I find my blog description very fitting.... eye-blinding indeed.

Nah, I guess I'd use this blog as my lab rat for CSS experiments kukukuku....

first entry

Hello there! * v * )//

BRB I'm still configuring out how to use this blog.


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